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Breeders Agreement

Breeders listed in the VFDC&B Guide to Breeders have agreed:
  • to breed purebred dogs for overall quality and health.
  • to meet all state and local requirements for
    companion animal care.
  • to sell only puppies in good health to the best of the
    breeder’s knowledge.
  • to provide registration with each puppy, health
    records, care and feeding instructions, a pedigree,
    and breeder’s contact information. If registration
    papers are withheld or not provided at the time of
    sale, to explain the reason in a sales agreement.
  • to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of spay and neuter with each puppy buyer.
  • to explain common hereditary health problems in the breed.
  • to take back at any time (not necessarily refund the price of) any dog sold or to help rehome the dog.