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Before looking for a rescue dog, please read the “Guide to Buying a Purebred Dog.” It applies to rescue dogs as well as dogs purchased from a breeder. Be just as careful checking out your rescuer as you would a breeder!

A good rescue organization:
  • Provides a temporary home, veterinary care, behavior modification, and spaying/neutering.
  • Places each dog with a contract specifying appropriate care and stating the care that has been provided.
  • Abides by local and state laws pertaining to maintaining and placing dogs.
  • Provides permanent identification (microchip or tattoo) for all dogs placed.
  • Does not place aggressive dogs.
  • Does not place any dog with severe behavioral problems unless a program to address those issues has been started and the new owner, as well as the rescue, feels confident in the owner’s ability to succeed with the program.
  • Takes back any dog placed that does not work out in a new home.
  • Is available to answer questions and offer help throughout the life of the dog.
  • Abides by guidelines of the national breed club.

These groups and breeders rescue dogs, and may have dogs available. The Virginia Federation of Dog
Clubs and Breeders does not officially endorse any of these rescue organizations, and we urge you to find
out as much information as you can before deciding to buy or adopt a dog.